Typhoon “Habagat” rages supreme here in the Philippines

Unexpected typhoon entered in the Philippines Monday night that results also that most of the students and professionals nationwide. That could most of the Filipinos on the tweet use the hash-tags #PrayForThePhilippines that will give more support to have the rain to stop that non-stop relief operations for the affected areas of floods that would call their attention with the social media networking website for a communication to all the TV Stations and with our Local Government Units on call for a rescue in times  that where hoping that a relief and rescue operations that most of the Filipinos needed.  As the Philippine Government about the suspension of work in the public sectors (e.g: BPO) http://www.gov.ph/2012/08/07/memorandum-circular-no-33-a-s-2012/. Today too much heavy rains occurred within 24 hours along Metro Manila. Sharing more projects that could protect our mother nature that could also give a call to have an another project not just we have the Project NOAH had monitoring the situation around Metro Manila but to have a project that could regain the nature what God has lend to us, An environment project not just the LGU units conducting also operation bayanihan. Learning from the previous typhoon Ondoy, Pedring and Gener that we should have take an attention that mining’s happening along the mountains that could also be one of the reasons of having floods here in the Philippines. A project that could bring more meaningful to #ItsMoreFuninthePhilippines that the Department of Tourism campaign. We have also take the government attention on the affected areas of floods on the improvement on our drainage systems that will ease the passengers stranded from floods that would cause to report on their respective offices that I myself uses the twitter just to state my status where I am right now or if the weather is still like raining again that you need to call them and acknowledge my condition as from this typhoon habagat that hopefully will go away to our country.


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